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Small Space Office Solutions For The Minimalist

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Let’s talk about the small space office solutions available for you, the committed minimalist.

Living within tiny spaces can have its challenges, especially if you have the desire to have your own office space so you can efficiently work from home.

Luckily, there are ways to take advantage of the space you have. You can create a minimalist office design to work with the space you have in your home.

Here are some office solutions that you can use to set up your home office design within a minimalist environment, as well as advice on maintaining proper organization within that space.

Workspace in the Living Room

Workspace in the Living Room

There are ways to create office spaces out of different areas of your living room, such as the spaces underneath the TV or in built-in bookcases.

You may have to get creative for some aspects of this type of office space.

But most living rooms are large enough to construct a workspace for you in your living room.

You may also be able to make use of a coffee table or couches to create a comfortable workspace.

Create the Illusion of Having Space

Create the Illusion of Having Space

To create the illusion of having more space in your minimalist office space, you should place a mirror or a piece of glass furniture somewhere within the area you want to work from.

A glass table or a decorative mirror should suffice in this case. The transparent and reflective qualities of the glass furniture will allow you to feel less closed-in within the small office space you are creating for yourself.

Having a Bedside Office

Having a Bedside Office

Placing a desk beside your bed and having something you can use as a storage compartment under or around your bed can help you create an office space in your bedroom.

You can place anything you need on the desk, and you will be able to sit and work from it in the comfort of your room.

If you choose to have a bed that comes with its own storage space, you will be able to keep extra items you will need neatly stored away.

Use the Closets

Use the Closets As Home Office

A spare closet is a great space to set up a minimalist workspace. Install a few shelves inside of it to hold decorations and work items and set up a desk close by to work.

By doing so, you can have your range of creativity while maintaining an excellent home office area to help you remain productive.

Extra Shelves

Extra Shelves Near Home Office Desk

Shelves can work for storage and decoration purposes. Installing a few shelves within your home office area can help you keep the items you need close by while also giving your workspace a creative and work-positive atmosphere.

Shelves can work in any area of the house, and they can be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture.

Office Solutions. Tips on Organization

Do Away with Extra Decor

Do Away with Extra Decor

Applying minimalist office design solutions will mean finding some pieces of decor that fit the space.

Any big pieces of furniture that are not necessary for a work environment should be removed. 

Any piece of decor that is more distracting than helpful will need to be moved to another area of your house to give you more room to work.

If you tend to keep a lot of books in your workspace, only keep the ones you are reading or are important to you, and consider switching to digital books to save space in your office area.

Declutter Your Workspace

Declutter Your Workspace

Documents and office materials will tend to pile up and clutter your storage spaces as time progresses.

If this is the case, it will soon be time to begin cleaning out your desks and cabinets to make room for more important things.

Only keep what you still need currently or what you need to keep on record and discard anything else you will not need, such as old receipts and bills.

Dealing with Paper

PC computer and tablet on a hardwood office desk

If you will be dealing with a lot of paper documents during your workday, it’s important to have a system for all that paper OR go digital. 

Getting a scanner or a digital tablet can help you digitalize some of the documents you will need for work so you can prevent your workspace from getting cluttered by all of the paperwork you will inevitably have to endure.

Create Proper Storage and Organization Systems

Create Proper Storage and Organization Systems

Creating storage and organization systems can make a difference in how you operate in your workspace.

Without them, you’d likely have a more chaotic environment to work in, and there is a good chance you could miss some important pieces of information.

You could even end up missing some deadlines. Some systems that can help are checklists, time and project management systems, and journals to log your progress and important information.

Manage Your Time

Manage Your Time

You will want to set a method of time management that will work around your schedule and workload.

Use a calendar or set specific alarms to help you remember what tasks you need to accomplish, and when you need to finish them.

You may want to use a time management tool that you can access from any device you regularly use and possibly avoid having to use paper to keep track of the time since you could quickly lose track of paper.

Question Different Aspects of Your Work Process

Question Different Aspects of Your Work Process

Analyzing your workflow process will help you figure out exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goals and what steps are unnecessary.

This will help you be more productive and keep track of your work schedule.

You will be able to cut your workload, and the time you will need to accomplish them is nearly in half if you go through the process of determining what is necessary and what is obsolete.

Conclusion on Small Space Office Solutions

Having an organized and creative workspace will help you effectively complete your work in record time.

Furthermore, keeping a list and reminders readily available will also help you stay organized and give you a proper form of time and task management.

Small Space Office Solutions For The Minimalists

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