Office Supplies For The Minimalist Office

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Minimalism is a movement in art and design, that exposes us to the truth of necessity — which are our bare essentials.

The change that many people are rallying to is primarily in support of our degrading environmental health and unsustainable economic system.

As humans progress in this journey, we’ve taken the cause from our homes to the office. We have taken the liberty of writing down our minimalist office supplies list.

1. Smart Digital Photo Frame – Keep Your Memories Close

Smart Digital Photo Frame Minimalist Office Supplies

Stay inspired for work every day with crisp, vivid images of your loved ones or pictures of your goals.

With an 80 x 800 HD IPS display that has a 16:10 aspect ratio, which adjusts automatically to portrait or landscape placement.

Plus, a motion sensor that turns the frame on or off automatically. You can integrate this smart digital photo frame with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


2. Desk Organizer Set – De-clutter Your Office In Style

Desk Organizer Set   Minimalist Office Supplies

Keeping an office desk organized can be very challenging. Still, with this stylish desk organizer set, you can accent your workstation and de-clutter at the same time.

The set is inclusive of a cup holder, letter sorter that has three divided sections, letter tray, hanging file organizer, and sticky note holder.


3. Desk Lamp – Convenient Lighting for More Office Efficiency

Minimalist Office Desk Lamp

Workstation lighting has a significant effect on every worker’s efficiency. Appropriate lighting can lessen eye fatigue and encourage smooth workflow.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp has four lighting modes with five custom levels of brightness, which you can adjust to promote productivity.

It also provides convenience when the need arises for you to charge your devices as it has built-in 5V/1A USB port.


4. Desktop Speakers – Enjoy the Sound Quality at Work

Minimalist Office Supplies - Desktop Speakers

Elevated at a 45-degree angle, enhancing audio projection that allows you to experience a new level of an acoustic sweet spot.

This device will enable you to enjoy a hassle-free audio experience with its single USB cable that you just need to plug on your laptop or computer; there’s absolutely no need for a power adapter.


5. Pocket Notebook – A Practical Way to Take Notes

Minimalist Office Supplies - Pocket Notebook

Suddenly a fleeting idea came across your mind that could potentially launch your career or maybe a task that you need to remember later.

These pocket notebooks can help you remember both menial and vital things.

At 3.5 inches in length, you can easily fit these in any pockets where you can easily access your notes in one place, instead of scattered scratch papers.


6. Planner with Pen Loop – Stay Organized, Plan Ahead

Minimalist Office Planner with Pen Loop

Writing down a plan turns them into an achievable vision, and I’m sure that’s exactly what you want for this year.

This aesthetically appealing 2020 planner can provide massive assistance in your planning, with an environment-friendly soft faux leather cover that is soft to touch, and elegant design will encourage you to organize your life this year.

Featuring a 160-archival quality page made from acid-free paper that resists damages caused by light and air. 


7. Minimalist Wall Calendar – Prioritize Your Activity

Minimalist Office Wall Calendar

Prioritizing is essential for productivity growth, and calendars will support you do just that in bold numbers and letters.

This modern minimalist wall calendar will help in your timely output and keep up with your stylish minimalist office supplies list.


8. Pour-Over Kettle – Flawless Functionality and Minimalism

Minimalist Office Pour-Over Kettle For Coffee And Tea

No office can be completed without a coffee maker, getting one, and placing it in your home office or workstation may require too much space.

The Stagg EKG + Electric Pour-over Kettle promises flawless functionality that will blend well with your minimalist design.

The fluted tip was designed to provide precision in pouring and optimal flow rate with no drip back. Long nights will be more pleasant with the smell of freshly brewed coffee or tea.


9. Hello Text Wall Art – Add a Touch of Creativity to Your Office Wall

Hello Text Wall Art for Minimalist Office

Blank walls are perfect canvass for creativity. You can add a pop of color or art that can strike up a conversation among your guests; Urban Willow can offer you with the perfect design that has been meticulously curated and created by various artists.

Every print is made to order to ensure high-quality production.


10. Silent Wall Clock – Less Time Pressure

At 0.4lb, it is so lightweight that you can use double-sided adhesive tape in mounting it to your wall.

It is child-friendly since it is made of artificial leather and harmless EVA material (no glass). Since it has no hand, it does not produce a sound every second, which lessens the pressure in meeting your deadlines.


11. Keyboard Tray – Save More Space on Your Desk

If you don’t have enough space on your working table, there’s no need for you to buy a bigger one because this keyboard tray is your answered prayer.

It contains a tool-free installation knob that can control both height and tilt, which you can adjust for optimal ergonomic advantage.

Included in the standard platform are wrist rest with 3M Gel Technology and a precise mousing surface with battery saving function.


12. Leather Universal Tablet Case – Slim Premium Leather

This is a tablet case that features a premium leather body and universal FIt Technology that allows you to use one case for various brands models of tablets ranging from 8 inches to 11 inches.

The case effortlessly adjusts to multiple viewing angles and inclusive of 5″ x 8″ note pad, slip pockets, card slots, and pen loops.

Everything you need for a meeting in a slim design and safely secured with a full zip-around closure.


13. Storage on Wheels – Manage Different Kinds of Papers and Files

Papers, envelopes, and folders are starting to pile up on your table?

This 5-drawer cart will be your organization buddy, featuring sliding drawers for easy access to your files and categorizing of your documents.  Detailed with optional locking casters for stationary or mobile storage.

If you are into crafts, this will help you big time in managing your different kinds of papers.


14. Wall Mount Document Letter Tray Organizer – More Vertical Storage in Your Office

Avoid stacking folders on top of each other and miss essential files with the aid of this wall mount document letter tray organizer.

It can hold letter/A4 sized paper, folders, envelopes, notebooks, and stationeries.

Conveniently mount on your wall so you can maximize your vertical space and separate your files and folders into the top 4 tilted trays and place accessories on the bottom shelf with a guard rail.


15. Pen Storage Holder – Save Time From Searching for a Pen or Paper Clip

A pen storage set that is composed of 3 stackable desk supplies caddies and 2 cup pen storages that totals to 14 compartments.

The caddies are designed at a beveled angle to prevent items from sliding out, enough space to store all your office accessories and stationeries.

This organizational tool can help you save time from searching all over the office for a pen or paper clip.


16. Magazine Holder – Beautiful, Minimalist, Useful

Vertical space should never be taken for granted, and minimalist office supplies like this optimize unused office space.

Both dainty and posh, this magazine holder will blend perfectly with any decorative theme.


17. Side Chair – Your Clients Will Love It

Versatile mid-modern century side chair that will liven up the reception area of your office.

The molded chairs are created with a waterfall seat design that makes waiting more comfortable for clients and/or guests.

Its geometric wooden legs with metal bracing give off a minimalist artistic appeal.

Weighing 9 pounds with 18.25″(W) x 31.5″(H) x 22.5″(L) in dimension, this side chair will beautifully accentuate any room without overcrowding.


18. Wall Hooks Hangers – No Drills Necessary

Ideal hooks for your office space, made of high-quality stainless steel that is self-adhesive.

Scarring your wall won’t be necessary anymore, as these waterproof and rustproof hooks can be easily installed just by sticking on your wall after removing the plastic film cover.

Features a stylish silver design that is compatible with your modern styled office.


19. Catalog Display Rack – A Portable Office Display for Marketing Materials

This item will generously market your brochures with its four spacious pockets that can fit various sizes of your marketing materials.

Configured to be portable, can be assembled into two easy steps. The item is inclusive of a quick-locking mechanism for smooth and sturdy set-up.



The mantra “Less is more” rings so much truth in our generation today, a generation capable of having it all anytime and anywhere. The people of today are “woke.”

We now have a broader understanding of needs and wants, and from needs to bare essentials.

Minimalism in the office is not just an aesthetic choice. Still, it has been proven that the lack of clutter drives the productivity of an office or any organization.

Minimalism doesn’t mean empty room or office; it’s just having a better understanding of the main furniture, fixtures, and accessories.

An organized, free of clutter office harnesses a highly productive work output and makes a conducive workspace.

I hope our minimalist office supplies list can be of great help to you, whether you are new in this minimalist quest or a pro.

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