7 Must-Have Standing Desk Accessories

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You spend a good part of your day using your standing desk and having accessories that help make you more productive throughout your workday is a must. Standing desk accessories help you to make the most of your adjustable desk.

Most of us have heard that sitting at a desk all day is considered “the new smoking.” Full-time workers will spend eight hours or more sitting at a desk and then sit watching TV or gaming once they are off the clock.

We have listed 7 must-have accessories for your standing desk. Any, or all of them, will help you get through your workday more productive and hopefully, more enjoyable.

1: A Monitor Mount

One of the very best standing desk accessories is a monitor mount that enables you to position your monitor to the best advantage. The best position for your monitor is directly in front of you and it should be in line with your eye level.

You don’t want the monitor screen too low as that will cause you to tilt your chin down. If the monitor screen is too high, the opposite will happen, and you will tilt your chin too high.

Both of these positions will cause neck strain, so you want to avoid that. Having a monitor mount allows you to adjust the height and angle of your monitor, and some mounts will accommodate two monitors.

A monitor mount will help you maintain a better posture and will enhance your productivity throughout your workday.

2: Anti-Fatigue Mat

There are many health benefits to a standing desk, but it can get tiring and hard on the legs and feet if you stand on a hard surface for hours on end. An anti-fatigue mat is one of those standing desk accessories that makes a big difference.

Supportive and comfortable shoes will go a long way to keeping your legs and feet from aching, but a mat allows you to change and adjust your body position continually. The support you get from the material and “give” of an anti-fatigue mat is beneficial not only to your feet and legs but also to your back and neck.

Next time you are at a grocery store, notice that the cashiers have anti-fatigue mats at their cash registers. They have been proven to relieve the pressure that comes from constant standing.

3: Have A Timer Handy

This is a standing desk accessory that you won’t have to purchase. If you have a smartphone, you already have a timer. Your computer desktop and numerous places on the web will have timers for you to use, too.

It is essential with a standing desk to regulate the amount of time you spend in any given position, whether standing or sitting. A standing desk divides your time between sitting and standing.

The rule of thumb states that you should spend one hour standing for every one or two hours of sitting at your desk.

Most standing desks have electric controls or gas lifts to make it possible to adjust the height of the desk.

To help you remember when it is time to sit or stand, a timer will do just that for you. That way, you can continue on your workday and adjust your position when prompted to make the most of your standing desk.

4: Have An Under Desk Keyboard Platform

The best position for your keyboard is at elbow height. Your arms should be bent at a right angle. If your arms are in any other positions, it puts more stress on your muscles from your fingers and up through your shoulders and neck.

An incorrect keyboard position can contribute to hand and wrist pain, making your workday a painful proposition.

When using an under desk keyboard platform, you will mount this standing desk accessory under the desk.  This position allows you to adjust your keyboard to the best height for typing whether you are standing or sitting.

A good keyboard height means that you are not forced to extend your arms to reach out and use your mouse or keyboard.

An ideal ergonomic position for your keyboard is when the top slants downward, and most keyboard platforms have these tilt adjusters.

A keyboard platform also saves you space on your desktop, which is a nice bonus.

5: An Ergonomic Office Chair

While the whole point of a standing desk is to prevent sitting all day, standing all day is not advised, either.

This is the case of everything in moderation. Sit some, stand some. An ergonomic office chair will support your body when you are sitting in front of the desk.

Ensure that the chair is of durable construction, with breathable fabric, and can adjust the height of the seat.

A quality ergonomic chair will have lumbar support and encourage good posture.

6: Gadgets While Standing

There are those owners that like their stand desk accessories to be a little quirky. For example, balance boards can be used while in the standing position.

According to balance board users, they can improve your fitness, strength and balance, all while you are earning a living.

Some people use foam rollers. A foam roller is a cylindrical tube that you place your foot on while standing at your desk, one foot at a time. By moving the foam roller under your foot, you help stretch your leg, calf, and ankle muscles.

Several different shapes and designs help give your legs a bit of a workout. There are also trigger point foam rollers that give your feet a massage while standing at your desk.

These standing desk accessories would be a fun way to get in a bit of exercise and relieve stiff muscles at the same time.

7: An LED Desk Lamp

When using a standing desk, your work surface will be at different levels throughout the day. It is best to have a light that is in the same place at all times while you are working.

As you raise or lower your desk, any overhead light will increase or diminish. There can also be shadows from other pieces of furniture.

Having an LED desk lamp on the standing desk will give you environmentally friendly light, especially when compared to fluorescent, incandescent or even natural light.

An LED will enhance any existing light and is soft and not glaring. You can also get an LED that is wide for an expansive glow.

Some LEDs will clamp onto your desk, so there is no danger of them falling off when the desk is raised or lowered. Having a steady source of light will also stave off headaches and eye fatigue.

In Conclusion

Most of us have to work for a living, and it is a good idea to have your workday accessories work for you. Accessories can make the tasks we do so much easier, and that makes you more productive.

Standing desk accessories complement the desk itself, which is designed to help you optimize your physical well-being during work hours, whether you work from home or in an office.

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