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Do Standing Desks Burn Calories?

If you have bought, or are considering buying, a standing desk, one of the reasons you might do so is the potential health benefits that a standing desk can offer, compared to a traditional sit-down desk. One of the supposed health benefits is that it can promote weight loss through the burning of calories. In […]

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Top 5 Modern Office Workstations On Wheels

Thanks to today’s technology and handy inventions, getting your work done from anywhere is possible. Anything involving a word processing system, email, or communication can be completed on phones, tablets, computers, and even certain styles of watches! In the case of computers, though, work can be made easier with additional products – like the workstations […]

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Correct Posture For Standing Desk

With standing desks becoming increasingly popular and many employers actively encouraging their workers who use desks to switch to one, you may already be using one yourself. If that is the case, and you are looking forward to the benefits it can provide, we have a caveat for you. If you are not using your […]

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