How To Clean Your Office Chair: A Quick Guide.

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Looking for a quick guide on how to clean your home office chair?

We have gathered the most important information on the topic so we can show you how to clean your office chair as easy as possible.

Your office chair may be upholstered in fabric, made out of leather, or have a mesh body.

Office chair cleaning is pretty straightforward, and with these tips, you will be able to learn how to care for your office chair.

#1. How to Clean Your Fabric Covered Office Chair

Here are the easy steps to take that will clean your fabric office chair.

  • Vacuum off the chair.
  • Check for manufacturers cleaning instructions
  • Use warm water and mild dish soap to spot clean
  • Use Rubbing Alcohol or fabric cleaner on stains
  • Use a silicone spray on the caster of your chair to keep them moving freely

Use Your Vaccum To Get Out Dust And Debris

Break out your handheld vacuum or get out your carpet cleaning one; either will do the job. 

Most vacuums have attachments, and in this case, the nozzle type of attachment will help you get in the area where the seat and the back of the chair meet. 

Give the seat, back, and armrests a good vacuum to get out dust trapped in the fabric.

Look For Cleaning Instructions On The Upholstery Tag

If your desk chair still has the manufacturer’s tag attached, this will give you some information about cleaning the fabric. 

This tag is usually located under the seat. The information will be specific to the chair and provide feature codes that indicate what to use.

Here are what those codes would be:

  • W: This indicates that you should use water or a water-based product to clean the chair
  • S: Use a water-free solvent to clean the chair
  • W/S: You can use either a water-based product or a water-free solvent for cleaning
  • X: Do not use solvents or water. Brush or vacuum only

If your chair does not have a tag, check online for the manufacturer’s owner manual for cleaning instructions. 

And if all else fails, follow the steps outlined below, but try it first on an area of the chair that does not show, like under the seat.

Clean Spots And Dirt With Mild Soap and Warm Water

If you have no instructions, use a mild dish or hand soap and warm water. It is best not to use hot water as that will set a stain on the fabric. 

Use just a small amount of the mild soap and blot at the dirty spot with the wet rag. Try not to scrub the area, as this can drive the dirt deeper into the fabric of your chair.

Use A Stain Remover to Rid The Fabric Of Stains

Rubbing alcohol can be used to clean spots off of the fabric. Test a small area under the seat for colorfastness first. 

Remember that alcohol is flammable, so be careful not to have an open flame nearby when using it.

There are also other cleaning products on the market that do an effective job of getting rid of stains. 

Choose one that is good for the fabric, but remember to test it on a less noticeable spot, like under the seat.

Clean The Casters On Your Office Chair

This is one area that you don’t want to forget. Clean casters will help you to zip around the office with ease. 

Flip your office chair on its side to access the casters. Clean off any hair, dust, or debris that is adhering to the surface. 

Use your vacuum or wet cloth to clean the casters. Spray a small amount of lubricant on each caster to help them roll smoothly. 

You can use a silicone spray or a 3-in-one oil to provide lubricant. Try not to overdo the lubricant. 

If you need to, place a piece of cardboard under your chair to soak up any residue. Remove the cardboard when you no longer see traces of any drippage.

#2. How to Clean Your Leather Office Chair

  • Use a leather cleaner
  • Clean with vinegar and linseed oil
  • Use rubbing alcohol and water

Use A Product Made For Cleaning Leather

There are several products for cleaning leather that are on the market today. Most of them come in a spray-on form. 

You will want to test the cleaner in an inconspicuous spot, like under the seat, to see if it damages or discolors the leather. 

Most of the time, these products are a safe bet as they are specifically for leather. You should be able to find them online or in a big box store. 

You can also check out an auto parts store, as many cars have leather seats and auto parts carry products for cleaning car interiors.

Vinegar and Linseed Oil Will Clean Leather Upholstery

If you have these items at home, they will also work for cleaning leather. Mix one part white vinegar and two parts of linseed oil. 

Apply this mixture (again, try it first under the seat) in a circular motion and leave it on for about half an hour. 

Buff with a clean, dry cloth to get off the residue. Let the chair sit for a short time and buff again. 

Know that, while this mixture nourishes the leather, you may get some residue. You might choose to do this on a Friday when you can let the chair sit unused over a weekend. 

Test for residue before sitting in the chair.

Use Rubbing Alcohol And Water for Stains And Spots On Leather

Make a solution of one part rubbing alcohol and one part water. With a clean rag, rub a small amount on the spot. 

Try not to over use the rubbing alcohol mixture as it can be a drying agent for the leather. 

Remember, again, that alcohol is flammable, so don’t use it around an open flame.

#3. How to Clean Your Mesh Fabric Office Chair 

  • Vacuum dust and dirt off your chair
  • Clean with soap and water
  • Use a spot cleaner for stubborn stains

Vacuum Off Your Mesh Office Chair To Get The Dust Off

Most vacuums come with attachments for various applications. Look for the vacuum tool that has a brush bristle on the end. 

Use this attachment to go over the entire mesh surface of your office chair. This will help get out dirt and dust trapped in the mesh weaving of the chair. 

It is an excellent idea to do this regularly. Mesh office chairs are great for the ventilation they provide, and you can help this feature with regular vacuuming.

Clean Your Mesh Office Chair With Mild Soap And Water

Use a mild dish or hand soap with warm water to wipe down your mesh office chair with a clean rag. 

Try not to saturate the mesh, as it will then take time to dry. Rather than rubbing, just do a wipe down of the entire chair. 

This will help freshen the chair and will get any dirt that vacuuming missed.

Use A Spot Cleaner On Any Stains

You would use the same spot cleaner on the mesh that you would use on a fabric chair. Blot and dab at a stain rather than rubbing. 

The rubbing could damage the fibers and cause the mesh to fray, so easy does it.

In Conclusion

Your office chair is like the cockpit of your office command center. You spend most of your workday in that chair, making it essential to have one of the 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs.

You may even choose to use one of the Ergonomic Saddle Chairs. Whatever office chair suits you best, it is your advantage to take a few minutes regularly to give it a cleaning.

Doing a quick clean regularly will keep it scrubbed and inviting each time you need to sit in the cockpit.


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