Uppel Portable Standing Laptop Desk

Uppel Portable Standing Laptop Desk [Buy?]

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Quick Overview





  • Lightweight and portable
  • No assembly required
  • Removable mouse holder
  • The desktop can be tilted
  • Laptop ventilation holes


  • Limited desktop space


This standing desk from Uppel is ideal for those who use a laptop or tablet, and who also like the idea of being able to take their desk with them to multiple locations.

Uppel Portable Standing Laptop Desk

This is a standing desk which is a relatively new arrival to the market, given that it was first on sale as recently as March 2019. It differs from other standing desks in several ways, with one of the most obvious being that is designed for laptop use rather than a PC and keyboard.

Its other differences include its system for setting height adjustments, its all-metal materials, and the fact that it is portable will also set it apart from many other standing desks which are too heavy to be carried.

Who Is This Product For?

Those who wish to purchase a standing desk to encourage a healthier workstation for themselves will obviously be attracted to this product. That attraction may also extend to its appearance, especially if you want a desk that is as modern looking as possible. Its silver-colored metal desktop will achieve that for you.

In terms of its use, the fact that it weighs less than 8 lbs. means if you are someone who works in multiple locations and wish to take your desk with you, you can.

What’s Included?

Thankfully, the desk comes fully assembled so there’s no need to check that you have the umpteen parts it would need to build it. Basically, the package will contain the desk, and there is a separate mouse holder. You have the option to connect this to the desk using the threaded bolt which will be included.

Overview of Features

Being able to take your laptop standing desk with you is a huge advantage of this one from Uppel, thanks to its weight being so low. It also helps that when fully folded down, it takes up very little space too.

You have 7 settings for height adjustment, and you adjust the height simply by pulling the desktop up or pushing it down. Once you have it at the height you want, check below and make sure the base is securely slotted against one of the stops. The range of height variation the desk has is between 4.9 inches and 17.1 inches so that should suffice for most users.

The desktop is made from metal and is colored silver to give it a very modern appearance. You will see that the metal has hundreds of small holes drilled, which are actually ventilation holes to help keep your laptop as cool as possible.

You have a separate mouse holder which you attach or detach as required. There is also a silicon strip which is there as an armrest, but if you don’t need this, you can remove the strip and use the phone holder which is underneath it.

How to Use It

As we mentioned, the desk comes assembled so you can use it right out of the box. The main function you will have is the ability to raise or lower the desktop. This movement is assisted with springs, and you simply lift it upwards until it is at the desired height. At the bottom, you will see a number of stops and to keep the desk at the height you have lifted it to; you let the feet rest against that stop.

The desktop can be tilted, and there is frame at the back of it to hold it at one the three angles that it can be set at. You will also see there is a silicon strip at the front of the desktop. This acts like a rest for your wrist, but if you wish to remove it you can, and underneath you will then see a slot that you can use for your smartphone.

Further to these features, you can choose to attach the mouse holder, which is merely a case of using the provided bolt to attach it to the desk.


If you want a laptop desk that looks even more appealing than this Uppel one, then you need to check out the TaoTronics laptop Standing Desk. Every part of it is white which looks stunning in any office and is as modern-looking a laptop desk as you will find.

It is lightweight, so that makes it portable, height adjustment is easy, it has a wrist rest, and for those who like value for money it has one of the lowest prices, there is for this type of standing desk.


This laptop standing desk from Uppel is a great option for those who are on the go and need a lightweight option they can take with them. It is easy to use, it looks great, and its price makes it a standing desk that offers genuine value for money.


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